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    The Private Practice Accelerator

    You Need to Increase Your Income Without Burning Out
    Feel Balanced While Managing A Full, Thriving Private Practice. I Walk You Through My 3 Step Process to Teach You Exactly How to Create The Practice You’ve Been Dreaming Of.

    You Want to Feel Organized in Private Practice

    You Want to Feel Organized in Private Practice

    You needed 3 new… yesterday.
    You feel scattered and unsure of yourself. I’ve been there and have learned the hard way what it takes to be an entrepreneurial therapist.
    You want a full practice of private pay clients, the freedom to work only when you want and create a beautiful, abundant life outside of your work.
    The Private Practice Accelerator is ready to shake up your world and create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

    Ambitious Therapists Only

    You Need to Increase Your Income Without Burning Out

    For once, this is about you, not your clients. We kick off the Accelerator by working on your mindset.
    You’re now a CEO we need you to start thinking like one.

    You need to fill your caseload, raise your prices and expand. We’ll write out a marketing plan that leaves you feeling calm, centered & with a thriving practice you could’ve only dreamed of.

    Create systems to scale with each new level! Create a system to pay yourself, a seamless new intake process and how to diversify your income outside of 1-1 clients. Have systems that leave you feeling organized.

    You Didn't Spent Thousands of Dollars on Tuition to Be Worried About Money

    For the price of 3 sessions a month you could finally have a practice that energizes you and helps you become financially independent.

    Here’s What You’ll Get

    • Access to the Accelerator Course
    • Invite to the private Slack Community
    • Assigned Accountability Groups that you can meet with weekly.
    • Accelerator Workbook
    • 15+ videos & worksheets
    • A step-by-step 10 Week Program
    • Two Group Coaching Calls

    Registration for The Accelerator opens again September 12th 2022. We start September 19th!


    Basic Package: For only three payments of $376 you’ll have access to the course for a LIFETIME.

    Or save money by paying in full at $1097 when you register (*best value!)

    Platinum Plan

    Add on 1-1 Coaching with our Accelerator Coach!

    Three 1-1 Coaching Calls with Business Coach & Accelerator Alum, Halle Thomas

    Plus everything you get in the Basic Package:

    – Lifetime access to Teachable course content

    – Accelerator Workbook

    – 10 weeks of Slack Support

    – Assigned Accountability Partner

    – Weekly Q&As with Danielle

    – Two Live Group Coaching Sessions

    – Worksheets, Checklists and Bonuses Galore!

    Platinum Pricing

    Platinum Price: $1797

    Or Two Payments of $915

    If you want to make the most of these 10 weeks, want some accountability and hand holding this is a great option to keep you focused and determined to reach your goals.