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    The #1 Podcast for Ambitious Female Therapists

    The Entrepreneurial Therapist officially launched in January 2022 and continues to grow with each episode that comes out.  Every Wednesday you can find an episode that leaves you feeling motivated, inspired and ready to take action to build the practice of your dreams.

    You’ll find a mix of solo and guest episodes focused on private practice and personal development for today’s entrepreneurial therapist. Topics range from:

    • Developing an abundance mindset
    • Marketing for private practice
    • Getting organized with systems
    • Scaling your practice beyond the 1-1 model
    • Increasing your income
    • Getting more private pay clients
    • Behind the scene stories of building a practice
    • Growing a family while growing a business
    • Burnout Prevention

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    Some of the fan favorites episodes include:

    1. 5 Ways to Get More Clients
    2. Recovering from Burnout with Dr. Samantha Rae
    3. Break the Rules, Be Different 

    Want to see me cover a topic?

    Call into the podcast and ask a question and you might hear me answer it on the next episode. I’d love to hear from you!