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  • The World Doesn't Need another Therapist
    Who Plays Small

    We Believe the Mental Health Crisis Only Gets Better When We Do

    That’s why at Entrepreneurial Therapist we are on a mission to help female therapists build businesses that increase their energy, income and impact.

    I took my practice from zero to full, you can too.

    If you’re an ambitious, female therapist who has big audacious dreams to leave her footprint in this industry, you’re in the right place.

    Start Ups

    Income: $0-$20K in revenue

    Focus: Preparing to open a practice

    Help: Overwhelmed and needs to get organized

    Practice Prep Course

    Fill Ups

    Income: $20K-$60K in revenue

    Focus: You are open but need more clients

    Help: Needs help with marketing, mindset & systems

    Accelerator Waitlist

    Scale Ups

    Income: $60K-$200k +

    Focus: You are full in your practice and looking to scale

    Help: Scaling an online course or group practice

    Scale Up Mastermind

    Hi, I'm Danielle!

    I’m a Business Coach for Therapists

    I graduated with massive amounts of student loan debt, making less than $35K a year at an agency. I went from being burnt out, overworked and underpaid to working 25 hour weeks and loving the work I do. I love being in the mental field, but hate the rhetoric that a therapist means you have to be a maryter. You deserve more. More time, more money, more energy. I’m here to help you do just that.

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