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    Hi, I'm Danielle!

    I’m a Business Coach for Therapists

    I graduated with massive amounts of student loan debt, making less than $35K a year at an agency.

    I love being in the mental field, but hate the rhetoric that a therapist means you have to be a maryter.

    I started my privet practice, filled it up with all private pay clients and then launched in a group practice. I love the work I do and want to show how you can build a life and business you love as well. 

    You deserve more. More time, more money, more energy.

    I’m here to help you do just that.


    At the moment you could probably find me my toddler on my hip, and a puppy at our feet. 

    I’m a total Yogi & feel most alive when I’m outside, unplugged and in nature. I’m a #matcha&mindset kind-of-girl and whenever my friends need someone to tell them to GO FOR IT, I’m the one they text.

    I love the work I do, but also have a family I need to take care so I preach work-life balance b/c it’s something I need to hear often.

    I’ve been pregnant in private practice and taken maternity leave. I’m passionate about helping female therapists navigate becoming a business owner, while doing what’s best for their own goals and families.

    Mindset, Marketing & Systems

    For all levels of private practice building: from start ups to scales up, I have one system that is rinse and repeat when starting and scaling a business.

    Most therapists (including myself) start off doing all the manic marketing: we throw a hundred darts at the wall hoping a few stick. But after a few months realize it isn’t working and we need help.

    Which is exactly why I have every therapist I work with start with mindset work. We work on you before we ever talk about your practice.

    Your practice will only grow as much as you do. 

    To learn more about how I can help you with mindset, marketing and systems in your practice, click the link below to see which course would be a good fit for you.